Earth Day / Dr.-Ing. Stanimira MArkova / Apr 22, 2021

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

When the world population hit 7 billion in 2011, the leading theme in the global media was the big questions: how much more can the planet support? Only 10 years later, we already count 7,9 billion, so what has been done in the 10 years to win on time and on opportunities to exist and to balance the system we call home?

Sustainability / Mirela Spasova, Dr.-Ing. Stanimira Markova / Mar 22, 2021

Vor nicht mal hundert Jahren war die materielle Gebäudezusammensetzung „klar“: es gab eine „Handvoll“ von Materialien mit sehr wenig Abweichungen und Modifizierungen. Die materielle Zusammensetzung von Gebäuden zu „dokumentieren“ oder „vorherzusagen“ war damit keine besondere Herausforderung.

BIM / Roman Gerbes / Oct 27, 2020

While other countries have embraced BIM as early as 2007 and many mandating BIM for public construction commissions by now, Germany is still lagging behind. In order to stimulate BIM adoption, legislation is key, and todays leaders in BIM are usually countries who published guidelines and legal framework early.