Aikana - The Intelligent Solution to Analyze, Verify and Predict the Circularity, Health and Cost Performance of Your Buildings

Aikana.InCycle uses advanced analytics to evaluate reusability and recyclability of building materials as well as assembled systems and makes it effortless to make buildings circular
  • Eliminate waste in all life cycle of buildings
  • Easily discover hidden issues and the areas for improvement
  • Informed material and product selection
  • Incorporate circularity as a metric alongside conventional sustainability evaluations
  • Improve long term economic and resale value of building assets
Aikana.Clarity provides building materials manual, offering valuable documentation for all life cycles of buildings. With detailed documentation including material information, performance data, BIM model, and maintenance information, you can plan actions that will drive the most business impact.
  • Get verified, structured and detail Material Passport for your whole building
  • Get product data sheets, safety data sheets and building product declarations easily
  • By using documentation from previous projects, become more intelligent with every project
  • Track materials to substance level throughout the whole life cycle of a building
  • Save time and prevent costly mistakes from design through operations
Aikana.Salience is a data driven solution to analyze, predict and prevent hazardous chemicals in buildings. By leveraging the detailed material documentation and checks against multiple authoritative lists, you can achieve material transparency and avoid future chemical hazard.
  • Offer the highest life quality to the users of a building
  • Decrease maintenance and demolition cost by reducing toxic contamination
  • Seek out safer alternative materials and products
  • Increase asset value and rent
  • Make buildings more reusable and transformable
Aikana.Scient provides insight into cost of building materials and products for the entire life cycle of buildings. By incorporating financial impact of circularity and toxic potential, it offers an realistic overview of future potential operating, maintenance and demolition costs.
  • Explore trade-offs between low initial costs and long-term cost savings
  • Gain insight into future asset value of building materials
  • Payback Calculation
  • Plan maintenance cycles and budgets efficiently by utilizing cost breakdown over time
Why Do Organizations Choose Aikana

Integrated Solution

A major objective in the design of Aikana is to fit smoothly in the building design process, so that architects can easily and effortlessly deliver powerful actions and results, while staying in the flow and efficiency of their native work process.

Proven by Science and Practice

Originating from decades of experience in the construction industry and research at the leading universities in Europe, Aikana offers the most advanced and accurate solutions by combining the deep knowledge of the industry with scientifically verified data and innovative methods.

Actionable Insights

Aikana provides deep instant insights into the safety, sustainability and cost performance of the building design with easily customized dashboards, granular reporting and extensive visualisation capabilities.

Enhance Circularity to Reduce Waste and Cost

Buildings are not traditionally built with circularity in mind, which results in not only material waste but also maintenance cost. This can be prevented with Aikana Solutions.

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Be proactive, prevent the future “asbestos disaster” in your building

There are many new materials used in buildings every year, whose long-term environmental and health risk are not sufficiently researched or documented. With material tracability and detailed documentation from Aikana, the future health hazards in buildings can be prevented.

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Avoid all preventable maintenance, repair and End-of-Life costs

Low level of Material circularity is one major reason for exploding life cycle cost. Aikana can identify the places in the building design with high risk of future cost and prevent them.

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The integrated software solution for evaluating circularity, safety and cost efficiency of buildings
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