Aikana - The first software solution to perform a comprehensive simulation and real-time optimization of the safety, material efficiency and life cycle cost efficiency of your BIM design

    GREENbimlabs wins the prestigious OUT OF THE BOX.NRW Award 2021

Transforming buildings from the waster of the resources of
the future into the resource protectors for the future

Turn Waste Into Assets

Circularity Evaluation

Evaluate and optimize the circularity performance of building, make informed decision on material and product selection, reduce ecological footprint.
Turn Buildings Into Healthier Spaces

Material Toxicity Assessment

Reduce risk of hazardous chemicals in buildings, increase life quality and productivity of inhabitants, decrease maintenance and demolition cost.
Turn Data Into Insights

Material Documentation

Get verified, detailed and structured information about products and materials, Optimize maintenance, renovation and demolition processes with greater insights.
Turn Expense Into Investment

Life Cycle Cost Optimization

Optimize operating, maintenance and disposal expenses, transform buildings into high-performing assets, increase resale and reuse value.
The integrated software solution for evaluating circularity, safety and cost efficiency of buildings
GREENbimlabs experts will help you to address the unique project complexities and requirements
For Everyone in the Sustainability Concious Construction Project
Architects, Planners, Sustainability Engineers
Smoothly integrating in your natural design process, GREENbimlabs solutions, Aikana, will work with and for you, instantly evaluating and showcasing the safety, circularity and life cycle costs in the design. Aikana enables you to reduce the life cycle cost for your investor by millions, while creating a fully circular and safe building, contributing to save the earth resources, protect environment and people’s health.
Building Owners, Investors, Building Developers
Get a precise documentation of the exact material and product composition of your building, ready for monitoring in FM. Get a building which is vaccinated against the discovery of future hazardous materials, in which material safety and circularity are fully enabled by design and millions in life cycle cost are identified and prevented in the design.
Building Product and Material Producers
Stand out, make you products visible, discoverable and immediately accessible for architects and designers from the very early design stage. Learn instantly about new demand trends, new product requests and performance specifications, increasingly desired by architects and make informed actions for market growth.

Sustanibility Data Strategy and Evaluation of Rheinbad Extension

One of the most interdisciplinary and exciting projects we had the pleasure to perform was for the investor and operator consortium of the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf...

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Sustainability and FM focused BIM Content

Our customer ProMinent had multiple incentives and aims when they reached out to GREENbimlabs with the request for BIM-Objects (IFC and Revit) for two of their products...

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I work with GREENbimlabs as their mentor via Google for Startups, and rarely have I met a team with such knowledge, dedication, and drive to succeed. Their product is groundbreaking: it takes the abstract idea of sustainable building and provides architects the tool they need to make it a concrete way of working. At the same time the product is so crucial for a sustainable future that it feels as if it should have been built a long time ago. I am proud to support them on their journey to changing the way we build.
Maja Lidén
Digital Customers Experience, Google
GREENbimlabs mentor, Google female founders program
Anwender von Aikana erhalten erstmals einen vielfältigen Nutzen BIM-basiert Kreislauffähigkeit, Schadstoffgehalt und Lebenszykluskosten zusammenhängend zu betrachten. GREENbimlabs leistet daher neben einem praxisnahen Tool für den heutigen Einsatz, auch für die zukünftige Forschung und Standardisierung, von z. B. open BIM basierter Material Passports, einen sehr wichtigen Beitrag.
Sebastian Theißen & Jannick Höper
Head of Sustainable Construction at LIST Gruppe / Research Associate TH Köln / Doctoral Candidate BU Wuppertal
I met Stanimira and Sharif on a tiny little fair stand in Essen in the beginning of 2017. We came into talking and we are still talking until today. As speakers and trainers at our congresses, seminars, workshops and as partners in our projects, having GREENbimlabs as a partner at our side makes us feel confident about the challenges of sustainability, BIM utilisation and digitalisation.
Michael Weilandt
Vice-President, Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e.V.


GREENbimlabs has won the second prize at the prestigious Out of the Box Award competition

GREENbimlabs has been selected as a finalist in the PropTech Innovation Award 2021

GREENbimlabs is one of the most disruptive German digital technology Start-ups according to Baunetz

GREENbimlabs' CEO Dr. Stanimira Markova as one of the panelists at the Digital Summit Aachen

Our CEO Dr. Stanimira Markova gave the opening talk at the Google for Startups stage at Slush 2019

Mirela and Hristo from GREENbimlabs at the Krantz industry conference

We are proud for our CEO Dr. Stanimira Markova to be selected as one of Google’s DACH Female Entrepreneurs

GREENbimlabs twice in the industry publication

GREENbimlabs demonstrating Aikana at the congress "Ressourcenschonendes Bauen im Handwerk"

Dive in! Future sustainability meets future building design

Impressing the Minsiter of Envrionment with Cutting edge environmental technology made in Germany

The Master of BIM and the BIM content (workshop for producers)

GREENbimlab's CEO is one of the faces of Women Empowerment in Business, Technology and Science

Opps, we did it again! And the winner is.....!

Industry meeting academia and research and some of the groundbraking innovations in building design and operations

BIM as enabler for sustainability of next generation - GREENbimlabs at the VDMA Energy2 Forum

A winner again: GREENbimlabs is one of the winners of the German Digital Innovations Start-Up Award

European Venture Contest: GREENbimlabs is in Top 3 in Clean tech in Europe

GREENbimlabs has won the 2nd prize at the prestigious Out of the Box Award competition

GREENbimlabs has won the 2nd prize at the prestigious OOTB-Award 2021, organized by the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs. With 1500 competitors, 12 impressive finalists and multiple rounds of rigorous selection processes - votes from the community and jury, the highly competitive award is one of the most prestigious start-up competitions in Germany! We are grateful to our community and the jury who support us and believe in our mission to ensure a sustainable future for all.

GREENbimlabs has been selected as a finalist in the PropTech Innovation Award 2021

We are pleased to announce that GREENbimlabs is at the finals of the the PropTech Innovation Award 2021 in the Smart & Sustainable: Connected Cities and Buildings category. The award celebrates the innovations in the property technology field accorss the world. This year we are recognized as one of the top 15 most innovative and forward thinking companies among 180 Proptech startup in 40 countries. As a finalist we will present at the fifth PropTech Innovation Summit On June 23rd. Register here to join the summit: PropTech Innovation Summit

GREENbimlabs is one of the most disruptive German digital technology Start-ups according to Baunetz

There is virtually no architect or civil engineer in Germany, who does not rely on the knowledge and information of the Baunetz platform and magazines, which have long become the go-to source for reliable information about all-things-buildings and building innovation. Thus, we could not be more excited that Baunetz covered our story and our technology in their most recent issue of Baunetz Woche. Special thanks to Adeline Seidel for the coverage and for one the most inspiring and energising interviews we have ever given! Read the full article in Baunetz Issue 567.

GREENbimlabs' CEO Dr. Stanimira Markova as one of the panelists at the Digital Summit Aachen

Stanimira was very vocal about her concerns related to the huge gap in the progress and state of digitalization in Germany in general and especially in the building industry, where Germany cannot even place in the top 20 worldwide and thus is missing out to the competition on the global market, but also on the huge potential for productivity, efficiency, cost and sustainability gains.The panellists stressed the need to fund demo projects, in which startups implement their technology in the practice and support to soften a culture of reluctance towards innovative and not completely mature solutions; digital transformation in education as strongly stressed by Ranga Yogeshwar and especially Andera Gadeib, who has proven time and again, that there are many working solutions ready and waiting to be implemented and way overdue; and to close the huge gap in the number of scientist and specialist, especially in the areas of digital technologies where Germany is currently educating less than 4% of the specialist worldwide.

Our CEO Dr. Stanimira Markova gave the opening talk at the Google for Startups stage at Slush 2019

What better place than Slush 2019 to demonstrate how the technologies of today can and should help us reduce the ecological footprint of our buildings, the single largest contributor to climate change and resource exhaustion? At the Google for Startups stage, Dr. Stanimira Markova demonstrated how AI and BIM can invert the ecological footprint of buildings.

Mirela and Hristo from GREENbimlabs at the Krantz industry conference

A building design process, based on the digitalisation of processes and of information flows as performed in a BIM based projects, is merely the first capabilities which will enable architects, owners and operators to comprehend, model and solve the urgent issues of time, cost and resource efficiency in the construction industry in its exploding complexity and interdisciplinary nature. Design and decision automation by applying machine learning is what gives the power to identify and solve these design driven problems instantly, as soon as they appear in the process and eliminate them from activating after the begin of utilisation and operations. At one of the largest industry conferences in our region, in our workshop on BIM implementation and utilisation Mirela and Hristo from team GREENbimlabs demonstrated how data and algorithms can detect and tackle instantly weaknesses in the design process in a way, which allows for cost, time and resource consumption to be immediately recognised and drastically reduced and is out of reach in the classical, human power driven data collection and analysis.