Sustanibility Data Strategy and Evaluation of Rheinbad Extension

Case Study CircularityOne of the most interdisciplinary and exciting projects we had the pleasure to perform was for the investor and operator consortium of the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf, in partnership with the association of the German Society for Swimming Pools Construction and Operation and the chair for Building Design and Realisation at the faculty for architecture at the RWT Aachen.
To create a flexibly extendable data exchange and communication foundation from the design process to the operation phase and FM, GREENbimlabs created a BIM-model of the new, finished building extension of the Rheinbad. Aligned with the objectives of the customer for increased sustainability and circularity, improved process and performance efficiency in FM and minimisation of the life cycle cost in the operation phase, GREENbimlabs provide a data strategy for the collection, documentation and update of the required data, necessary for the constant monitoring and evaluation of circularity, process efficiency and life cycle costs and prepared the data extension for the operation phase.

alt textGREENbimlabs performed multiple performance simulations and identified the design cases of the best, neutral and worst case scenarios with the aim to achieve a balanced performance in all areas: circularity of materials and products, increased process, time and cost efficiency in FM and decreased total life cycle costs. In multiple simulation-optimisation loops GREENbimlabs could find show the optimal design solutions with the best balanced building performance addressing the requirements and wished of the customer.
The highlight for our customer was the visualisation in VR, by which the customer could instantly see the difference between the architectonic concept of the scenarios and their predicted performance which was also crucial for the decision making processes in design, operation and FM.