Sustainability and Facility Management focused BIM Content

alt text Our customer ProMinent had multiple incentives and aims when they reached out to GREENbimalbs with the request for BIM-Objects (IFC and Revit) for two of their products: staying ahead of competitors in an international market, driven increasingly by the need for BIM-based design, and the motivation, to communicate to their customers the exact and comprehensive information about their products in every stage of the BIM-based design process.
In the initial collaborative process, the exact requirements and planned utilisation of the necessary data was discussed and GREENbimlabs setup a balanced strategy solution for the information and data, which corresponded to the demand of the customer, the specific of data requirements and exchange in a BIM-based design process and the need to keep the design process of ProMinent’s customer as efficient as possible.

The BIM-objects were design not only as a digital twin of the products, but also as a vehicle for the most critical product related information for every phase of the building life cycle and its instant communication to the building designer and operator.