Eliminate all preventable maintenance, repair and End-of-Life costs in by design

Lack of or low level of materials circularity is one major reason for exploding life cycle cost, specifically the costs for maintenance, repair and disposition. Free landfill spaces are increasingly scarce, which results in stricter regulations on the quality of building materials which can be disposed and strongly decrease of the number and type of materials eligible for disposition. In the same time the cost for disposition are increasing rapidly, five times only within the last ten years. The presence of plastic particles, glues and some widely used polymers in concrete for instance already qualify it as “contaminated” and increase the disposition costs more than 25 times. Aikana can identify the places in the building design, which have the potential to increase the maintenance and disposal costs, and eliminated them.
Cost for concrete landfilling according to the level of circularity in Germany – from reusable for concrete production to strongly contaminated (special landfilling).