Workshops and Trainings

alt textTeam GREENbimlabs has a unique combined experience and expertise. We have worked with some of the largest material producers worldwide, been a part of design and coordination teams in quality control of large international constructions sites and looking back at more than 15 years of research in the fields of IT, BIM-based and software solutions for buildings systemic sustainability, circular design and safety at some of the most prominent research institutions in the world. Designers, building investors and material producers alike take benefit of our expertise in workshops and trainings.

  • What are the different aspects of the sustainability and how do they transfer into the building design and the product requirements?
  • What is a multi-objective sustainable building design?
  • How to set the sustainability performance objectives and measures in the design process and how to achieve them?
  • How important is information and an information model for the achievement of sustainability goals in dynamically changing design requirements?
  • How is information and documentation important for material safety, sustainability and follow-up life cycle costs and what amount of information is required for the operation to keep control on life-cycle costs?
  • Which tool can support to not compromise on the sustainability goals, but stay in time and cost budget?
  • What is material resource efficiency and material circularity and how are these important for the sustainable and cost performance of the building?
  • Why is choosing a sustainable product not enough to achieve a sustainable building and why is “modular” not equal to sustainable?
  • What are the documentation, safety and circularity issues which result in a high concentration of follow-up life cycle costs (up to 600%) and how can these be addressed and avoided in the design process?