Green – BIM Content for Building Material Producers

alt textMany product and material producers have already recognised the urgency to provide BIM-ready objects and documentation for the different stages of the design process , as well as the huge advantage they have, if designers have the chance to try out their products early and integrate them directly in the BIM-model. BIM-ready content also opens a direct communication channel from the producer to the designer, the investor and the user, trough which the critical information about the utilisation and maintenance of the product, but also about its safety and sustainability performance can be directly shared and documented in the BIM-documentation for the operation and FM phase.

  • Create BIM-objects from scratch or based on available BIM-objects of the customer
  • Define the specific and balanced amount of data and implement in the BIM-objects, related to the product performance and integration requirements and instructions, utilisation, maintenance and sustainability, which the customer wants to communicate to designer, building owner and building operator trough a BIM-based process
  • Define strategies for the optimal Level of Detail and Level of Development for the design, the construction, the utilisation and the operation stages of the building and implement them in the BIM-objects
  • Define the scope of product, technical, maintenance and sustainability information, which the customer wants to be additionally added to the product documentation for communication and exchange within the BIM-based design project