Green – BIM Content and Strategy for Architects and Developers

alt textOn the international market, the number of architectural and building companies and project developers, who have already made the full transition to BIM is constantly growing. Most of them have established their own sophisticated product databases, design to best serve their needs, as well as the specific requirements of their customers and partners. With the growing importance of the sustainability, safety and life-cycle-cost-efficiency perspectives, the quantity and level of detailed required to include these perspectives in the design phase is dramatically changing. Here we work together with our customers to identify the specific demand for qualitative and quantitative extension of the existing product data bases and setup a strategy to fill the gaps.
We strongly support companies, which are in the transition phased to BIM or making the first steps to the transition to BIM. We work together with our customers to help them setup the optimal strategy to introduce in a cohesive way the perspectives of sustainability, material safety and cost-efficiency into their operational processes and the BIM-based design process. We support organisation to define the balanced amount of data and put it in the optimal, future proof data structure and data base.