Aikana in Projects

Aikana in ProjectsGet the taste of the expertise of the GREENbimlabs team and the power of the Aikana technology, while remaining in full control of time and budget.
Get team GREENbimlabs involved in the design stage and operating Aikana for you in a pre-defined scope, results priority and timeline. Team GREENbimlabs will advise and support the design team by:

  • Setup a strategy for the safety, sustainability and cost performance of the specific building project for the design, construction and operational phases; define the objectives and targets and the metrics for achieving them
  • Evaluate the safety potential of the materials according to the latest state of knowledge in science and industry and showcase potential safety and health threats
  • In a discussion with owner and designer, develop a documentation strategy for FM and safety, life cycle cost and sustainability performance boost through the entire building life cycle
  • Evaluate and showcase the documentation, safety and circularity issues which would result in a high concentration of follow-up life cycle costs and propose solutions to address and avoid them in the design stage
  • Evaluate and showcase the prospective circularity performance of the building, identify the critical issues, leading to low sustainability performance and large amounts of material wasting and propose solutions to address and avoid them in the design stage
  • Evaluate and advise on the choice of materials, products and design methods to achieve the safety, sustainability and life-cycle goals of the specific building project